Virtus Program at St. John Vianney Church

St. John Vianney Church and All Saints School fully support and participate in this program.

The Catholic Church, the Diocese of Cleveland and St. John Vianney Church hold the protection of children as one of their highest priorities. To this end, the Diocese of Cleveland adopted a Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse in 2003 and updated it in 2016. This policy requires that education and training in the recognition and prevention of sexual abuse towards minor children be given to all Diocesan employees and to all volunteers who come in regular contact with children. This program is titled VIRTUS.

Reports of suspected child sexual abuse should be made to the public children services agency (PCSA) or a municipal police department or the county sheriff where the child resides or where the sexual abuse is believed to have occurred.

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Everyone volunteering in a ministry program at St. John Vianney that involves regular contact with minor children must complete the following VIRTUS requirements. Your program coordinator will let you know if VIRTUS compliance is needed.

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Steps for VIRTUS Training