Small Church Communities

Gathering together to share our faith

The Small Church Communities are groups of eight to twelve people who gather together on a regular basis to share their faith and bring it to a living presence in their lives.

These small groups meet either in a home setting of one of the members of the group or in a meeting room at the Church. Most groups meet bi-weekly or monthly, at a frequency and time determined by each individual group.

During our meetings we pray together, read the scriptures and apply the scripture to daily living. The members of the groups can bond together and become “church” for one another.

Members are from any walk of life who want to share their faith and deepen their spirituality. We are able to form friendships with others that we can trust.  We are supported during times of trial, as well as joy.

If you would like to develop your relationship with God, bringing faith into your daily life with the support of a small group, the Small Church Communities could help achieve these objectives. New members are always welcome – just call the office with the day and time you would like to meet, i.e., day of week, afternoon or evening. Or let us know if you would like to be part of the formation of a new group.