Children’s Liturgy of the Word is back!

At the 10:30 am Mass during the schoolyear

Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word is meant for children aged 5-12 years old. We have volunteer teachers who will escort the children to the chapel after the Opening Prayer and bring the children back to the parents in time to say the Creed with the whole congregation.

This program gives children the opportunity to learn about the Sunday Scriptures on their level and includes hands-on activities. Children’s Liturgy of the Word runs throughout the schoolyear, starting in September and ending in May.

There will not be a Children’s Liturgy program on March 24 or March 31 in observance of Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. May 19th will be the last Sunday for the schoolyear and it begin again in September.

Contact Information

Maureen Kraizel is in charge of the program. Please contact her at (440)255-0600 ext. 208 with any questions or if you would like to help!