. . . where the gratitude in our HEART and the work of our HANDS shows our love for others . . . receiving, thanking, sharing and praising God for the gifts we have received.
The Gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure



God has gifted each of us with 24 hours in each day, and while the number of days each of us has been given will differ, it is important to effectively manage those hours. We should balance the hours we spend at work, with our families, in prayer, in recreation, and in service to God.

Each of these commitments is important and we must ask ourselves: Do we work too much? Do we spend meaningful time in prayer each day? Do we spend quality time with our family? Do we spend an appropriate portion of our time utilizing our talents for the good of others in our parish and community?


In our daily lives, we experience many people with various talents. Each person’s talents are vital to what happens at work, home, the grocery store, wherever. Society relies on each of us contributing our talents in many places and situations. It also relies on our love. Stewardship invites us to use our talents to earn a living and provide for our family and to serve God and others. We must take time to discern what talent we have to offer our parish and other community volunteer organizations. Then after this reflection, we should consciously, lovingly pledge these talents to the mission and ministry of God.


Money and all of the things we possess are gifts from God that we are asked to care for and generously and sacrificially share for our family needs and for the good of others. God has blessed each of us with material possessions and these gifts are intended to be shared. Why? Because each of us has the responsibility and an inherit desire to help others in need and to support the ministry of the church, as well as other worthwhile charitable organizations. If we don’t, we become unfulfilled and unhappy. All of us have different levels of material resources, but we are all called to return in thanksgiving a proportionate gift, each in a measure we have been blessed with.


Christian stewardship calls each of us to a proportionate standard of stewardship; even amidst a potential disagreement with certain action or decision within the church that a person may not agree with.