Confirmation is the second of the sacraments of initiation and we pray the Holy Spirit will fill those that are confirmed with grace that deepens their life in Christ and strengthens them to live the Catholic faith.

We invite those seeking the sacrament of Confirmation to begin their preparation for full initiation into the Catholic Church by calling the parish office for more information on the preparation process.

Young parishioners that have completed the 8th grade this year should receive a letter over the summer with information on the Confirmation preparation process. Candidates will be required to participate in several educational session, perform service to the community and participate in a retreat as part of this process.

Baptized Adults who have not been Confirmed should call the Parish Office for guidance on adult preparation for Confirmation.

Children that have not been baptized will receive their sacraments through the RCIC program.

Adults that have not been baptized will prepare and received the sacraments through the RCIA program.

Confirmation Classes for Adults and older Teens
There are usually five scheduled sessions. These classes are to prepare adult Catholics who may not have had the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation when they were teenagers. You need to be confirmed to serve as a sponsor/godparent for Confirmation or Baptism and it is the expectation of the Church that you be confirmed prior to the celebration of the sacrament of marriage.

For more information, please contact:

Laura Mc Bride

Parish office: 440-255-0600 ext 224