Junior High School

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Students are invited to participate in this youth group. We hope to see you there we will pray, eat and play games.

If you have any ideas for youth activities or would like to be involved in the SJV youth group, please contact the parish office.

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The goal of the Jr. high School Youth Group is to provide an environment where our younger boys and girls can ask questions, learn, and explore our faith. The group will meet every-other Thursday evening and focuses on relevant questions about the faith and our lives as disciples. The meetings will take place from 7:00-8:30 and will vary in type from meeting to meeting.

There are five types of nights that we will be using throughout the year.

  • Prayer nights are nights that focus on the history, tradition, and experience/practice of a particular prayer or prayer style. Adoration, festivals of praise, rosary, litany of saints, devotional prayers, and the liturgy of the hours are all examples of different styles of prayer.
  • Catechesis nights focus on a particular topic related to our faith.
  • Scripture nights involve us reading, asking critical questions about, and practicing reading the bible. On those nights we will reference the coming weekend’s readings.
  • Coffee Shop Nights involve us picking a topic and discussing it. Instead of Catechesis nights, where there is a lesson or topic that is taught, on Coffee Shop nights we discuss and explore a variety of topics. There will be a direction for discussion but we will see where that leads.
  • Fun nights include movie nights, escape room outing, arcade nights, Christmas party, last night, etc.

If you are in 6th, 7th, or 8th grades please consider attending this group, have some fun, and learn about your faith! If you know someone who is in this age range, please invite them to consider this group.

Contact Fr Morris
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For more information, please contact:

Parish office: 440-255-0600