High School and Early College

A Voice in the Desert

A Voice in the Desert has one simple goal: To accompany our young women and men as they grow and explore their faith by providing opportunities to live their faith, to grow in community and holiness with each other, growing in our spiritual and prayerful identity, and helping them to grow in their lives with Christ.

A Voice in the Desert is a new group to St. John Vianney. This group is for our young men and women who are either in High School or their first two years of college. A Voice in the Desert will plan, organize, invite and otherwise help our young women and men, who desire to participate meaningfully in the mission of Christ, to experience and engage in those opportunities.

A Voice in the Desert will meet once per month on Monday evenings. This group will meet year-round. One month might be a purely social gathering and we might meet at Round1, Atlas, or the like. Another month we might be discussing transgender questions and we’ll gather at Panera Bread, Bruegger’s, or Arabica for a cup of java and talk about these social issues and how our faith intersects with them. Each Monday gathering will conclude with a meeting to plan next month’s gathering [location, topic, etc.] or work on a particular project.

What particular projects you might ask? A Voice in the Desert will provide opportunities for young women and men to be active in their faith. This, of course, includes pro-active opportunities to take action in sharing one’s gifts and in serving those in need; both locally and in the larger community. In Painesville there’s a homeless shelter called Project Hope. They need volunteers in the evening to greet and check in people, serve dinner, visit, and generally help out; and in the morning packing a lunch, serving breakfast, and handing out the lunch as their guests leave. Locally there are options such as Feed my Starving Children, for us to raise money or work bagging the food. These are simply 2 opportunities of the many that are available for us to be active in living our faith and serving those in need.

A Voice in the Desert will also provide opportunities for prayer. Eucharistic Holy hours and Festivals of Praise already occur at nearby parishes allowing us to simply schedule and visit one of these prayerful events. A Voice in the Desert will help find opportunities for growing in prayer and relationship with Christ; be it either finding an event and traveling there, or planning such an opportunity to take place here at St. John Vianney. There are many beautiful opportunities, places, shrines, churches, retreats, and retreat centers to experience closeness with God; A Voice in the Desert wants to help connect our young men and women with those opportunities.

If you are in high school or early college and are looking to grow closer to God through prayer, works of mercy, retreats, and living and sharing God’s gifts, then please consider joining A Voice in the Desert. If you know someone in this age range, please invite them to consider this group.

For more information, please contact:
Fr Morris
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Parish office: 440-255-0600