St John Vianney Parish
Rays of Mercy Campaign

Our stained-glass windows tell stories of mercy – mercy flows out through the cross and the Holy Spirit, mercy seeks and finds the lost, mercy protects and defends, mercy invites and welcomes, mercy is compassionate, mercy is humble.

Mercy brings us home, where God’s grace is prodigal. Mercy supports the faithful, who receive God’s prodigal grace. God’s prodigal grace is given freely without end.

Our campaign focuses on our church home where we provide shelter to God’s people, where we teach through programs and activities, where we reach out to others and gather together to share the good news. This campaign will provide funding in three areas:

Sacred Spaces
People & Programs
Communications & Technology.

Each aspect of the campaign is intended to make our home even more comfortable to all who seek mercy. To learn more about the three areas of the campaign click HERE.

The Rays of Mercy campaign goal is $3.75M. As of the end of October, about $1.3M already has been contributed towards the campaign. With your help, we can raise the remaining $2.45M for the Rays of Mercy Fund, which is an unrestricted fund to be used at the Pastor’s discretion. To achieve our goal, each family is asked to contribute at least $1200 for 3 years towards of the campaign.

As you prayerfully consider a gift for this campaign, I ask that you look to the mercy God has brought into your life and radiate that grace to the future of the parish and to the generations yet to experience this mercy.

Thank you for your generosity.

To Donate:
Automatic gifts are simple and help the church better plan for
expenses and financing.
We accept many forms of donations:
• Online giving allows for automatic one-time or recurring donations electronically.

ο You can go to the Rays of Mercy Campaign icon below and click to make a donation by PayPal; or,

ο You can click on the SJV online giving icon below to find the Rays of Mercy account listed in it.

• If you want to pay be check, please include a note referring to the Rays of Mercy campaign. You may put the check in the collection
basket, drop it off at the office or mail it in.

We accept other types of donations, such as those from Donor Advised Funds, Qualified Charitable Distributions or Required Minimum Distributions from IRA accounts and Marketable Securities. Please
contact the business office in advance for these types of gifts or other gifts you may wish to make.

After prayerful consideration, I/we will join in
celebrating the Rays of Mercy with a gift of:

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