Hymnal Sing-Alongs – Aug 11th

All are invited for a HYMNAL SING-ALONG Thursday, August 11th at 9:00 am (after the rosary) and 6:00 pm: We hope you can join us!
It is no secret that the Breaking Bread hymnal has added a lot of new music within the last few years! I’m sure we would all love to sing more strongly at mass, but unfamiliar tunes can sometimes pose a challenge in that regard. Fret no longer, friends! Our music director will select a handful of new pieces to introduce or re-introduce to you. We will take a few minutes to listen, sing, and get to know these songs. After all, the better we know the music, the more fully we can enter into the prayer of the text!

“I also hope you’ll attend because I’m having a blast meeting so many parishioners! This is a wonderful community to be a part of!” Katie Cooper SJV Music Director

MUSIC ENSEMBLE KICK OFF: Our musical ensembles will begin a new season on Thursday, September 1. More information to follow. If you have ever considered playing handbells or joining a
choir, now is the time to start praying about it and asking questions! Call Katie Cooper at 440 255-0600 ext 240 or click here to email Katie.