Saint John Vianney Legacy Society

There are many reasons that one may wish to continue their support of our parish even after they have died. One parishioner and member of the Saint John Vianney Legacy Society says…
“Through the happiest and most difficult times in my life, church has been there.
When my husband and I were making retirement plans and writing our will it seemed natural to remember the church. This just seems right.”
You understand the important contributions that Saint John Vainney makes to our community. Perhaps you or your family have been blessed by the work of the Church.
As you reflect on God’s call to share our gifts and blessings with others and the importance of leaving a legacy of compassion and love, keep in mind that a key element of that legacy is your will.
For more information about the Saint John Vianney Legacy Society or to speak to someone about your plans, please call Jim Hickey, Pastoral Associate at 440.255.0600 ext. 207.