Wedding arrangements should be made at least 6 months prior to the intended wedding date. Couples should call one of the parish priests at 440 255-0600 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment and to begin the arrangements.

A Pre-Cana Day engaged couples retreat is needed prior to the
wedding date. Engaged couples that have contacted one of the parish priests to be married will be sent a letter of invitation to the parish Pre-Cana Day Retreat at the appropriate time. Pre-Cana Day requirements can be met at St. John Vianney Parish or another local parish.

Married and Engaged couples can learn more about the sacrament of marriage and the many teachings of the Catholic Church on related topics. You will find the For Your Marriage website to be a good resource for information on living the sacrament of marriage and much more.

Engaged couples planning a wedding at St John Vianney Parish may download Wedding Preparation Documents below!

Marriage Preparation Packet

Wedding Old Testament Readings

Wedding New Testament Readings

Wedding Gospel Readings

Wedding Prayers of The Faithful

For more information, please contact:

Parish Office
440 255-0600

Useful Links:

For Your Marriage


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Couple to Couple – Natural Family Planning