Pre-Cana Day – Marriage Preparation

Pre-Cana Day is a one-day marriage preparation retreat for engaged couples. Engaged couples that plan to be married at St John Vianney must attend a Pre-Cana Day.

SJV Pre-Cana Day March 11, 2023

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The Pre-Cana day is intended to provide those about to marry the personal experiences, insights and reflections of married couples who are already building their own marriages. It also includes time for private dialogue, interaction with other engaged couples and celebration of Mass together. Topics that are discussed are those that are important in the life of a newly married couple. Pre-Cana day encourages the engaged couples to approach these topics at Pre-Cana and to open the channel for future dialogue. Presentations by the team couples and discussions give the engaged couples a chance to hear information that will help them when facing similar situations in their own marriage.

St John Vianney partners with St Bede’s to hold two Pre-Cana days each year. The March Pre-Cana day is held on a Saturday at St John Vianney parish and the September Pre-Cana day is held at St Bede’s also on a Saturday.

Directions to St. John Vianney

Directions to St. Bede the Venerable

The Pre-Cana Team is made up of married couples from both parishes these couples plan and facilitate the Pre-Cana day to help prepare the engaged couples for the Sacrament of Marriage. During Pre-Cana day, the team couples share their own marriage experiences to offer insight to the engaged couples. Helping the engaged couples understand the vocation and sacramental nature of marriage.

The commitment for Team members includes about 5 Team meetings held at St John Vianney parish on Friday evenings from December up to the March Pre-Cana day and Pre-Cana Day. The time and effort of the Team members is a lot of hard work.  Team couples will attest that the blessings are many both personal and spiritual.

The Pre-Cana Team could use your help. Married couples are needed for a variety of facilitation and speaking roles. Please consider joining us for a very rewarding experience. Contact Deacon Greg Leisure to learn more about becoming a member of the Pre-Cana team.

For more information, please contact:
Deacon Greg Leisure
Parish Office: 440-255-0600