Religious Education

“the wise man also may hear and increase in learning,
and the man of understanding acquire skill”
Proverbs 1:5

We are on a Christ centered journey and along the journey we have many opportunities to learn more about our loving God. Through the many programs offered at our parish we can learn more about our Lord and our church while answering questions about our purpose and calling in life. Some will return to their Catholic roots through the healing ministry of the Catholics Welcome Home ministry. Young adults are invited to gather at Theology on Tap programs throughout the diocese. The Alpha Course is great for anyone that is looking to grow in their faith.

Some come to join the church through RCIA & RCIC programs and to be welcomed in full communion of the church. Others will build upon the lessons learned through religious education classes and sacrament preparation sessions. Our children learn how God loves them by participating in the Parish School of Religion, Children’s Liturgy of the Word and Vacation Bible School. Through presentations and discussions our teens have the opportunity to meet and learn more about living their faith.

Some of our members are called to share their Catholic faith as teachers and witnesses of God’s work in their lives in classrooms, as members of Renewal teams and Pre-Cana teams. The church provides many ways for us to grow and learn and even those that present these programs often will tell us they get more than they can give through their participation. Take some time to learn more about these programs in these pages and join us as we experience the love of God through learning and sharing our faith with others.