Don’t Delay PSR Registration Deadline is Monday, August 19th

The deadline for PSR Registration is Monday, August 19th, and it is fast approaching!  It is time to register your children in grades 1-8 for religious education programs.   Registrations should be turned in no later than August 19th, as classes will be organized at that time.  Registrations after that date will be accepted and will be placed after the initial classes are formed.  PSR Registration forms online Click here for a printable form or in the Parish office and on the counter near the PSR bulletin board in the gathering area.  Completed forms can be mailed or dropped off in the Parish office.  Please call the Faith Formation Office with any questions at 440.255.0600.

PSR classes begin on September 8, and continue through the end of April, 2020.  The program meets at Lake Catholic on Sunday mornings from 8:40 to 10:10.

We can always use more volunteers to teach or as teacher aides. if you would like to join our program contact Laura McBride. 440 255-0600 ext 224