You are invited to join our Music Ministry

Three music ministry opportunities we will be focusing on over the next few weeks. First the re-launch of our Funeral Choir. Families will have the option to request a cantor or the funeral choir when they plan funeral Masses for their loved ones. If participating in this choir seems like a good use of your gifts, keep your eyes posted for initial practice dates!
The second opportunity is the launch of a Wedding Choir. Admittedly, this is an experiment. It is not common to see a choir at a wedding…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it out! As with funeral planning, couples will have the option to request a cantor or choir. Dates for those initial
practices will also be posted soon.
Finally, I would like to spend quality time this summer working with our current cantors and cultivating new cantors. You will not be required to be a member of the choir or commit to a certain number of Masses a month. If leading Masses in song is something that interests you, please contact
me by email. Click Here to Email Katie Cooper. 
Thank you for using your gifts for SJV!