Spiritual Life Committee

The Spiritual Life committee helps foster spiritual maturity and plans for discipleship by providing and assisting with a variety of formation opportunities, recognizing our parishioners are at different stages of spiritual development.

The committee encourages parishioners to actively engage in the spiritual growth opportunities available at St. John Vianney by involvement in programs that nurture discipleship (such as Bible studies, renewals, retreats, religious education programs), engagement in a prayerful parish culture (such as Eucharistic Adoration, the Rosary, and prayer groups), and participation in community building (such as small church communities or other faith-sharing groups and various ministries).

The committee will help identify and address the spiritual needs/hunger of our parishioners.
The committee supports our parish mission to live the Gospel–to love and to serve. It desires to help provide an open and welcoming culture. It desires to increase parishioner participation in parish community life and outreach. It desires to help lead parishioners to a profound sense of belonging within our parish community and a deepening commitment to discipleship, by which individuals deepen their faith, become closer to Jesus, and draw others to Him as they mature in their faith. The committee will help parishioners take the next step and move forward on a dynamic journey of faith.

For more information, please contact:

Sue Lagoni