Confirmation in 2024 will include both 8th & 9th grade students!!!

ATTENTION 8TH AND 9TH GRADE STUDENTS OF THE 2023- 2024 SCHOOL YEAR WHO BELONG TO ST. JOHN VIANNEY PARISH (AND PARENTS AND FRIENDS)…Please be watching your mail in June for a letter from the parish.
The age at which Confirmation is celebrated has changed often in our parishes and in our Diocese over the years.
It has become more difficult in recent years for our 9th graders to attend preparation sessions on Sundays or any day of the week due to sports, school work, extracurricular activities, jobs, etc. The number of students who complete the preparation process decreases each year. After consultation with students, families and others, we made the decision to move Confirmation to 8th grade in the coming school year. As a result, this year both 8th and 9th grade students will be confirmed at our parish to accommodate the change. We do not have a 2024 Spring date yet for the ceremony but the preparation process for the sacrament will begin in late July when students and a parent will meet with a staff member to enroll in the preparation process which will begin in the fall.
All students will receive a letter in June with the information about their interviews which will begin in Mid-July. Any 7th or 8th grade PSR students who have not participated will be expected to make up classes online during the summer months. Please contact Mandy ASAP to arrange for the online classes.
Parents and students, please pay attention to this information so that all those teens who are ready to be confirmed in 8th and 9th grades in 2024 can be included in this preparation process right from the start. Call Mandy or Connie for clarification.
There will be a mandatory orientation meeting will take place on August 27th at 6:30 pm in the Social Center.