Adopt a Student at All Saints School by Providing a Safety Shield

Provide a Safety Shield for a student at All Saints School with a $25 donation
Click Here to print a Donor Form

We are hoping that over 200 children (K-8) will be returning to their classrooms at All Saints Elementary School in early September. Social distance will be maintained in the classrooms and children will wear face masks. We will also provide an additional way to keep our children safe by giving each child a safety shield at their desk. Among other things, this will allow the children to take a “mask break” several times during the course of the day in addition to the time during which they eat lunch.
If you would like to “adopt-a-child” by providing this safety shield for him or her, you can do so with a $25 donation. Your name will be listed on the shield as the donor and each school day will begin with a prayer for an end to the coronavirus pandemic and a prayer for the person who purchased the safety shield. You may specify the student you wish to “adopt,” e.g. your grandchild, relative, neighbor, etc., or you may simply say to use the donation to provide the shield to any student who needs one. Simply Click Here to print the donor form fill it out and place it in an envelope along with your $25 donation. If there are donations remaining when all the shields are purchased, we may use those funds to purchase thermometers for use at the school. You may “adopt” more than one student. Thanks in advance for your support of the parish elementary school.