Help build the All Saints Endowment Fund by Dec 31, 2019

Fr Johns has a goal to raise $100,000 this year for the All Saints Endowment Fund before the end of this 50th jubilee year.  A generous parishioner promised Father that he will match up to $100,000 that Father can raise this jubilee year for that fund.  Father hopes to use the interest from the endowment fund for special scholarships and for tuition assistance to children in need.  We have a great school and Father wants to do whatever possible to encourage parents to consider sending their children to our school and to know that there are scholarships available and tuition assistance to those with proven need.

At this time the All Saints School Endowment Fund is at $800.000 and it is Father’s goal to get that fund to $1,000,000 by the time he retires. Let’s help Father Johns raise the $100,000 and get this matching gift. As of today Father has raised $40,000 if you can help give him a call 440 255-0600.