2023 Mass Intention Book

The 2023 Mass Intention Book are scheduling Mass intentions for 2023 now. As our parish ages, the number of Masses to be offered for a loved one continues to increase. Last year we had 145 funerals at the parish and most of the families and friends were not able to schedule an additional Mass for their deceased loved one since the book had filled up so quickly.

As a result, we now need to limit the number of Masses you can schedule for a deceased person to two Masses in a given year. You can do one weekend Mass and one weekday Mass for your deceased loved one. The majority of people who request Masses do request that the Mass be celebrated on the weekend rather than a weekday. It is not possible to grant all those requests. You are also asked to please consider the option of having a Mass said not just for one person but for a number of people, e.g. two Masses for the Deceased Members of the Johns Family rather than 2 masses for Bob, 2 Masses for mom, 2 Masses for dad, etc. There is infinite merit in one Mass and God knows your intentions and your desire to remember and to pray for your family and friends who have died.

Parishes in Cleveland would be happy to take any intentions which we may not be able to take at our parish. You also are asked to initially limit your requests for Masses to five deceased persons or special intentions. Doing so will allow others to request their Mass intentions before all the weekend Masses are taken. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.