All Saints School of Saint John Vianney Parish will once again participate in the We Give Catholic Day.

The goal of the day is to raise awareness and funds for Catholic organizations throughout Northeast Ohio – organizations like All Saints Elementary School.

Father Kline founded the school in 1977 and the All Saints Endowment Fund was established by Father Johns to provide tuition assistance to children in need, to fund programs to improve the quality of Catholic education, to assist on-going development of teachers and staff, and to keep tuition at an affordable rate.

We Give Catholic Day is an ONLINE giving day on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, a globally-recognized day of giving.  From the parish website click the link on the home page or the link below to donate on November 28th.

The link will take you to the All Saints School We Give Catholic page where you can make your generous donation.

Last year over $20,000 in donations were given to the school and we were recognized with some prize money as one of the top fundraisers in the Diocese that day.  We hope that will be the case once again.

This is Father Johns’ 40th anniversary year as a priest and his 25th anniversary year at this parish.  Like Father Kline, All Saints is one of his great loves at the parish.  Consider a donation of $25, $40, $250 or $400 to support All Saints and to honor Fr. Johns for his service to the parish and the school.

Please help us to make it happen. Click below on November 28th to make a donation.

online giving







Go to weGiveCatholic.org for more information.